Richard Veale
Assistant Professor -- Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University

MRI of my brain.

This website is under renovation, will be my new primary home page.

I am Assistant Professor at Kyoto University doing research in the Neuroscience and Neurobiology Lab. My home base is the Medical Education Center, through which I teach several courses in the General Education (ILAS) department. My primary courses are: (Spring) Statistics and Behavioral Neuroscience A and (Fall) Behavioral Neuroscience B and Medical Psychology. You can find my course material on PANDA if you are a Kyoto University student.

I have several projects. My primary field is neuro-robotics and computational neuroscience. In addition to publishing research, I release as open source many of the libraries I develop, see github. I also release apps for iPhone/iPad, see reveal[e]saliency.

Previously, I was a JSPS research fellow (postdoc) at the National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS) in Japan, where I work with Tadashi Isa and Masatoshi Yoshida.

Previously, I was a Ph.D. student in cognitive science and computer science at Indiana University. My research area is Developmental NeuroRobotics, a marriage of computational neuroscience and robotics with a focus on understanding the early development of organisms.

I'm interested in understanding how the neural mechanisms in the brain give rise to behavior in the real world. You can check out the projects I am working on over at the research page.

I am a member of Matthias Scheutz's Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) lab, at Tufts University in Boston (previously located at Indiana University).

Contact Info:

e-mail: riveale [[at]] indiana ((dot)) edu

e-mail: veale.richard.7c [[at]] kyoto-u ((dot))

e-mail: richard [[at]] veale ((dot)) science