Research Projects

For a list of publications on these projects see the publications page.

Overview of Projects:

  1. Modelling preferential looking
    • Multi-modal habituation
    • Free looking behavior
    • Visual habituation
    • Auditory habituation
  2. Real-time Speech Recognition
  3. Circuit Computational Property Analysis
  4. Real-time Neural Simulator (NSIM)

1) Preferential Looking

This research involves using developmental neurorobotics to better understand preferential looking behavior in newborn humans and other non-human primates.

2) Real-time Speech Recognition

This research involves using spiking neural circuits in the Liquid State Machine paradigm to perform real-time robust speech recognition.

3) Circuit Computational Property Analysis

This research involves analysing the computational properties of neural circuits with different properties. For example, how does changing the topology of connectivity both projecting into and within a recurrent circuit impact its performance on target computational tasks

4) NSIM: A Real-time Neural Simulator

All of my research involves the modelling of spiking neural circuits. The circuits are used to control physical robots in tight loops with the environment, and thus the simulations of the neural circuits must be at least as fast as real-time. Towards this end I develop software optimized towards my particular needs. This has cumulated in the release of the NSIM neural simulator.